Tea & Chemo by Jackie Buxton



Book description

Diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in December 2013, Jackie decided to blog about her experience of living with cancer and its nine months of treatments. The result is a candid and often humorous insight into a time she nicknames, Not All Bad. Motivated by reader enthusiasm to publish a book based on her blog, Tea & Chemo: Fighting Cancer, Living Life is a patchwork of positivity and resource for those living with cancer, as well as their family and friends. Jackie lives in Yorkshire with her husband and teenage children and when not writing, can often be found cycling, running, dreaming or tripping up through the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.

I’m not usually a reader who picks up a biography I’m afraid, there are just so many other books out there that I’m desperate to read, but after having a couple of friends go through breast cancer and come out the other side, the subject of Tea & chemo appealed to me. This is a fairly short book at 208 pages, so I read it in one sitting.

I was expecting a book full of factual information, about the treatment, cancer and its side effects, instead the reader gets an insight into how someone with cancer feels through the diagnosis and treatment . As Jackie Buxton explains she wanted to write a book about an ordinary person living her life with cancer. I was expecting Tea & Chemo to be a difficult read due to its subject matter, but I have to say I found it to be an inspirational read Jackie Buxton writes in such a down to earth way, she is honest and writes with such humour you can’t help but smile. The book also offers a host of useful links, from getting a wig to having a make over.

Tea & Chemo also offers lots of practical advice from how to cope with night sweats (caused by the treatment) to what to say to someone with cancer. Throughout the book Jackie’s no nonsense approach is refreshing and makes for an easy read. Tea & Chemo is full of laughter, tears, honesty and hope, and offers inspirational words to everyone facing the life challenges that cancer inevitably brings. Jackie if you happen to read this I wish all the luck in the world for your future, and I’m sure your book will be an inspiration to both sufferers, friends and family alike.

4 ☕️☕️☕️☕️out of 5 from me
All proceeds for the sale of Tea & Chemo will go to three charities
The Haven
Breast Cancer Now
The Robert Ogden Macmillan centre, Harrogate

Publishers: Urbane Publications Limited out on the 23rd Nov. 2015

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