My Book Of The Month **Gold Coffee Cup Award for January 2016**



Its that time of the month again! When I award a book I read in January The Gold Cup Coffee Award. This highly sought after award (ok I’m making that part up!) is given to the book I enjoyed the most during January. It maybe choosen for the plot, characters, or entertainment value, and it has to keep me gripped from the first page to the last. Well I have to say the book I have choosen for this very prestigious award this month won it hands down, and the winner is……………


Of course anyone who follows me knows I’m a huge fan of Kimberley Chambers and I just love Tainted  Love, it’s got everything I look for in a book, it had a great plot, fantastic characters, its gritty but full of humour. Tainted Love is out on 11th February 2016. So congratulations to Kimberley on winning my book of the month award

You can see my full review here……Here

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