Consequences by RC Bridgestock


Book Description

Detective Inspector Jack Dylan’s list of things to do is getting out of control. He has two unconnected murders to solve. One victim is a small child and the other a young woman; plus a missing detective to find. Long hours are part of the job, but does he have the time to figure out the pieces to the crime jigsaws, and save his relationship?

With the pressure mounting, Dylan has to solve the murder of Liz, a young woman found burned alive in a public park. He also has to find out where half a million pounds of the young woman’s money has gone and how his missing sergeant may be involved in the whole sorry mess.

Usually the search for the murderer begins with the immediate family but the dead woman’s husband is in prison. CONSEQUENCES shows the steps the detectives must take to find the answer to the question – who killed Liz?

RC Bridgestock are consultants to ITV’s award winning drama series
‘Scott & Bailey’ and the BBC’s new police drama ‘Happy Valley’.

From the authors of ‘Deadly Focus’ comes the second book in the ‘D.I. Jack Dylan’ series, although Consequences could be read as a standalone it’s well worth reading Deadly Focus first just because it’s such a good book and you will also get a feel for the characters. Consequences is a very gritty and compelling read, but a word of warning this book isn’t for the faint hearted. I found the descriptions regarding the murdered child made for an uncomfortable and heartbreaking read, but in the authors defence you only have to watch the television or pick up a newspaper to see these things really do happen, so unfortunately it makes for a very credible read.

What I particularly like about this series is the fact the authors focus on the very people who deal with these sorts of crimes on a daily basis, exploring the demands of the job and the effect it has on their working and personal life, so much so it feels like you are reading about a real life team. DI Jack Dylan is a rather unusual protagonist for a DI, he’s just your “average Joe”, hard working, clean cut and highly respected by his team, he’s not a man with a chip on his shoulder, fool hardy, a womaniser or a heavy drinker (unlike a lot of the DI’s in novels) which makes a refreshing change if I’m honest. It’s clear to see that the RC Bridgestock has experience of the police/legal profession as the expertise shows in their writing.

As the team investigate two separate murders this hard hitting police procedure is shrouded in tension, it’s gritty realism adds to an engaging read that kept me reading late into the night. Unusually you know early on who committed the crimes, which can been a huge risk, as I always find part of the suspense of crime books is second guessing the killer, but the authors manage to maintain the suspense through the investigation.

Consequences explores the steps Jack Dylan and his team must take to bring both investigations to a satisfying conclusion, as well as the consequences people must face when they make the wrong decisions. This is a brilliant sequel to Deadly Focus,the characters are exceptionally well defined, the dramatic and genuine police situations are spot on and make for a gripping read. I wouldn’t  hesitate to read the rest of the series, and I would highly recommend this series to fans of police procedures.

4.5 out of 5

Print Length: 258 pages

Publisher: Caffeine Nights Publishing (2 April 2012)

Kindle     Paperback

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