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Book description

Imagine you are having lunch at an exclusive restaurant, filled with Hollywood’s hottest stars.
And a masked gunman walks in and takes everyone hostage.
You must bargain for your life against a twisted individual who knows everything about you.
He also has a bomb set to detonate if his heart rate changes.
If he dies. You die.
You have four hours to stay alive.
What would you do?

**A word of warning** you may want to clear your schedule before you start reading this book, because once you pick it up there’s no way you will be able to put it down until you reach the explosive ending. The Killing Game is a standalone thriller written under the pseudonym JS Carol, now anyone whose a huge crime thriller fan will know J.S Carol is in fact James Carol the number 1 best selling author of Broken Dolls, the first in a series of thrillers featuring former FBI profiler Jefferson Winter, who I just happen to be a huge fan of. So when I was asked to review an exclusive early copy of The Killing Game I literally jumped at the chance to read this standalone thriller. When I enjoy an authors writing I’m always concerned that a change in direction in their work will be a let down, BUT I’M ABSOLUTELY THRILLED TO SAY THIS BOOK IS SIMPLY OUTSTANDING, and completely blew me away.

The Killing Game is a ‘real-time’ adrenaline fuelled thriller, and covers events over a four hour period. When a masked, armed bomber walks into Alfie’s restaurant, the most exclusive spot in Hollywood, the A-listers within find themselves caught up in a terrifying siege, one in which not everyone will live through, as lives are threatened the A-listers soon realise they are up against against an individual who is not afraid to kill to get what he wants. That’s all I’m going to say about the plot as I want readers to enjoy every heart pumping page of this masterfully plotted action thriller as much as I did.

From the off this has to be one of the most tense novels I have read in a long time, the pace is relentless. The chapters are delivered in half hour slots which add a sense of urgency to the plot as the FBI attempt to bring the hostage situation to a safe conclusion. The Killing Game feels like “time bomb” ticking you are constantly waiting for the next explosion, which certainly added to my own anxiety and trepidation as I turned the pages, in fact I found my heart pounding constantly as I read this book. The author describes the scene and atmosphere of the hostages situation so vividly I felt like I was there living their nightmare, the anxiety and fear the victims felt were tangible throughout.

There are numerous characters in The Killing Game some of them less likeable than others, but they all have a part to play, the A listers being held hostage are an interesting bunch and the gravity of their situation seemed very real, their fear and overwhelming urge “to get out alive” added to my own heart racing tenfold. Adding to the suspense is the Unknown identity of the armed bomber and their motives, believe me when I say the bomber is one of most complex, cold and calculated killers I have ever come across. As he plays chilling games with his hostages, I’m sure I was having palpitations as my fear and anxiety for the hostages safety grew the further on I read, as the bomber is so unpredictable you are never quite sure who his next victim is going to be or what he’s going to do next, which added a whole new level of suspense to the story. J.S Carol maintains the pace throughout, and each chapter leaves you wondering “what the hell can happen next?” you hardly get time to catch your breath before the author hits you with his next twist. This is certainly an adrenaline fuelled read, I’m convinced my heart never stopped racing as I read this book.

The Killing Game is a highly addictive read, in fact I felt I needed therapy after finishing it, as this book left me with a hell of a book hangover! I couldn’t bear to put it down. In my humble opinion The Killing Games has the hallmarks of a Hollywood blockbuster, with a highly original plot, action a plenty, and bucketfuls of suspense this is the perfect action thriller novel. If you only read one book this year make sure it’s The Killing Game.

I won’t be giving The Killing Games 5 stars, but I will be giving it the very prestigious GOLD STAR AWARD. I give this award to a book I feel covers every aspect of what I look for in a good read, fantastic plot, great characters and a storyline that drew me in from the first page and kept me in its grip until I reached the very last page.


I must give a mention to publishers Bookouture who I can honestly say are my favourite publishers at the moment they go from strength to strength. Their authors (who just happen to be some of my favourites) are producing such a high standard of crime and thriller books I might have to adjust my top 10 books at the end of the year to at least 15 🙈and as for the covers they are simply amazing don’t you think?

So a HUGE thank you to Kim Nash and Bookouture for giving me the opportunity to read and review so many fabulous books x

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James Carol is the bestselling author of BROKEN DOLLS, the first in a series featuring former FBI profiler Jefferson Winter. The novel was released in the UK in January 2014 to rave reviews and reached number 1 on the Amazon fiction and thriller charts. In addition James is writing a series of eBooks set during Winter’s FBI days. PRESUMED GUILTY is the first of these. Under the pseudonym J.S. Carol, he has also written THE KILLING GAME.


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