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Today I’m starting a brand new feature on my blog, I got the idea from the very popular #TopFiveThurday that I runI’ve decided to share my top five with you it will be book related and this week I’m choosing my best five top crime series 

Robert Bryndza


I’m a huge fan of Robert Bryndza’s as anyone who follows my blog will know, I love the  DI Erika Forster series. I would urge everyone to read the series, fabulously written they make for a gripping read. What I like about Robert Bryndza’s writing is his ability to describe scenes with such conviction that you feel like your there along side Erika and her team. Each book is very original and personally found them to be a gripping read.

James Carol


Again this is a series that I  would highly recommend I just adore Ex-FBI star profiler Jefferson Winter he  is no ordinary investigator. An eccentric genius and self-described geek with a passion for Mozart, he is haunted by the legacy of his notorious serial killer father…and not likely to admit this may be why he has such a phenomenal insight into the psychology that drives the criminals he hunts. I especially like the profiling element in this series and they make for a thrilling read.

Peter James


Despite reaching the 13th book in the series I’m still a huge fan of Detective Roy Grace each book has been very different and the back story concerning his missing wife Sandy adds an extra layer of mystery to these well written crime thrillers.

Angela Marsons


Strangely enough as I was compiling my list I realised Angela is the only lady in my top five crime series. In my opinion Angela Marsons goes from strength to strength with this series and despite reaching the fifth book they show no signs of getting tiresome or repetitive. As for Detective Kim Stone she’s one complex character with  many secrets which make her a fascinating character to read about.

Michael Wood


The DCI Matilda Darke series is another of my favourites in my opinion Michael Wood’s writing goes from strength to strength with each book he writes. His books are getting much darker and definitely more disturbing as this series develops, and again Matilda Darke is another intriguing character.

Crime series to watch out for

I know I said top five but it’s my blog, my rules Remember?

Love You To Death by Caroline Mitchell deserves a special mention, but I couldn’t really include it as there is only one book in the series at the moment .The Detective Ruby Preston series is shaping up to be a cracker, this first book was dark and disturbing so of course I loved it.

Caroline Mitchell


If you can think of any book themes I could feature, please feel free to leave them in the comments. If I use your theme I will happily link it to your blog. Would these be on your list? What crime series would you recommend? I hope you enjoyed this feature and your comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated.


26 thoughts on “**Top Five Friday** With The Book Review Café #CrimeSeries

  1. Diana

    I also really like the DI Erika Forster series. I think its my favourite series at the moment. Super excited to hear about the new book! I have only read one book in the Kim Stone series but I hope to read the rest of them soon. I totally agree with you about the Ruby Preston series. I liked the first book. Great post!

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  2. Keeper of Pages

    Great feature! Roy Grace, Kim Stone & Matilda Drake are detectives I’m yet to meet, but I’ve got book one in all three series, so soon I’ll be able to fully agree with you haha…As for Erika Foster, she’s the best, I can’t wait for the next book!!!!
    What about: Top Five Sidekicks/Partners, Top Five Plot Twists, Top Five Surprises (books you ended up loving), Top Five Endings. Let me know if you need more suggestions 😂


  3. SnazzyBooks

    Love this post! I also love Peter James & Rpbert Bryndza, and really want to read Angela Marsons – can’t believe I haven’t already to be honest! Seen a lot about Michael Wood lately so that’s going straight on the list as well as James Carol – love discovering great new crime series to add to my TBR list! Great post x


  4. Christine

    So happy to see Michael Wood in your top 5, Lorraine! So underated. A fave of mine is Cody McFadyen’s Smoky Barrett series. Darker than hell, but simply enthralling.

    Liked by 1 person

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