Love Me Not by M. J. Arlidge #BookReview @mjarlidge 


Book description

She Loves Me
A woman’s body lies in the road. At first it looks like a tragic accident. But when Helen Grace arrives on the scene it’s clear she’s looking at a coldblooded killing. But why would anyone target a much-loved wife and mother?

She Loves Me Not
Across town, a shopkeeper is killed while his customers are left unharmed. But what lies behind the killer’s choices?

She Loves Me
Who lives? Who dies? Who’s next? The clock is ticking.

She Loves Me Not
If Helen can’t solve this deadly puzzle then more blood will be shed. But any mistake and it might be her own …

img_1258 Love Me Not by M.J Arlidge is the seventh book in the Helen Grace series, and personally I wouldn’t say it’s the best one in the series, but it’s a worthy contender. This book isn’t as dark as previous books in the series, but it’s certainly got the “thrilling” element that I enjoy so much in a crime thriller. The plot focuses on a series of murders that happen over a day. At first they appear to be random acts of terrible violence but it soon becomes apparent to Helen and her team they are anything but, what follows is an intense and heart thumping read.

The author expertly presents the reader with short, concise chapters time stamped over a twenty four hour period which give a sense of urgency to the plot. In Love Me Not we get to see a very different side to Helen’s personality she is suspicious and feels isolated from her team, which lead to conflict within her team. This book has a very different feel to previous books in the series, but I mean that in a good way it feels fresh and vibrate and made it all the more exciting to read.

As the killing spree intensifies Love Me Not makes for a chilling read , even more so when the reasons behind the killings are revealed. As the investigation intensifies this is very much a cat and mouse crime thriller that will keep you on tenterhooks until you reach the last thrilling chapter. This maybe the seventh book in the series but it’s still a series that has plenty to offer, the plots are surprising, the characters have evolved and M J Ardlidge writing shows no signs of getting stagnant or repetitive.

Print Length: 368 pages

Publisher: Penguin (18 May 2017)

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