**Sunday catch up** with the book review café


Good morning to you all after much thought I’ve decided to do away with my weekly wrap up post, there’s only so many times you can write about the two books you read in a week before it gets BORING 😂😂. So welcome to my first Sunday catch up post this won’t be a weekly post a more of a “as and when post” I will still be sharing what I’ve read but hopefully it won’t be just two books.

It would be great if you would leave a comment in this post, do you like/hate this new look feature? Is there anything you would like to see included? All feedback greatly appreciated.

Books I’ve read (over the last few weeks)

Book post

My treasured signed copies of The Girl In The Ice with a quote of my review on the back (Spanish and Turkish) and a copy of Nothing Stays Buried by P.J. Tracy which I won over at the awesome Stephs blog https://stephbookblog.wordpress.com/


What I’m currently reading


Book description

One girl found dead. Another girl gone…

Long shadows danced on the tin walls. Inside the trunk lay Carrie Miller, wrapped in plastic, arms folded across her ribcage, lips sealed tight forever…

When, a girl’s body is found at a Midlands storage unit, it is too decomposed for Detective Robyn Carter to read the signs left by the killer.

No one knows the woman in blue who rented the unit; her hire van can’t be traced. But as the leads run dry another body is uncovered. This time the killer’s distinctive mark is plain to see, and matching scratches on the first victim’s skeleton make Robyn suspect she’s searching for a serial killer.

As Robyn closes in on the killer’s shocking hunting ground, another girl goes missing, and this time it’s someone close to her own heart.

Robyn can’t lose another loved one. Can she find the sickest individual she has ever faced, before it’s too late

Top posts

My most reviewed posts this week

Copy Cat by Alex Lake #BookReview @Alexlakeauthor @KillerReads @HarperCollinsUK @flisssity | The Book Review Café

He Said She Said by Erin Kelly #BookReview | The Book Review Café

**Author Interview** Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris | The Book Review Café

Keep You Safe by Melissa Hill #BookReview @melissahillbks @HQstories | The Book Review Café

The book review cafe news

First off I’m really excited that I’m going to be starting a new regular feature I’m amazed by the support I’ve already received from some amazing authors, until I publish my first post my lips are sealed


At the end of the month it’s my second year Blogiversary which I find hard to believe, I still consider myself a “newbie” with lots to learn. I will be running a giveaway later in the month to the “what” and “how” I will be running the giveaway is still a work in progress, but keep yours eyes peeled.


27 thoughts on “**Sunday catch up** with the book review café

  1. Meggy | Chocolate'n'Waffles

    Good morning dear Lorraine!! Your post can never be boring, but I totally get your point! That’s why I have always stuck with monthly wrap-ups only! Plus now I have no time to read, haha!
    Haaaaa, seeing the covers of some of my favorite reads in the morning is such a lovely view!!! The Surrogate!!! The House!!! I love this new feature!
    Haha, I’ve been blogging for 18 months and still feel like a baby too!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lollyrugs Post author

      All will be revealed soon Jen I’m just waiting on a few more posts so I can make it a weekly feature, it’s nothing new but something that intrigues me 🤐 And your secrets safe with me 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. cleopatralovesbooks

    Good to hear there is a new feature on the way. I have to admit I enjoy the round-up posts in whatever format they take, as the weekend is the only real time I have to spend time checking out what everyone has been up to and the oats I’m bound to have previously missed! This new version looks great

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Keeper of Pages

    We’re matching in bookpost this week, I got The Visitors, The Betrayals and Closer to Home. I’m waiting on my NG request for The Child Finder *finger-crossed*

    And yes to this new post! I can image it’s hard to do a weekly wrap up with two books 🙈😂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Abbie at Bloomin' Brilliant Books

    Ooh looking forward to your new feature! I used to do monthly round up posts but I found it tedious to write and now I’m so busy I’m glad I packed it in. I can’t believe The Book Review Cafe has only be going for two years, I thought it was longer. I look up to you as veteran blogger who knows what they are doing! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Inge | The Belgian Reviewer

    Very curious about your new feature as well! Pretty jealous of your copy of the new P.J. Tracy 🙂 and your special signed Spanish and Turkish additions of The Girl In The Ice, but that’s just beyond any league :-). Nice ARC haul, pretty excited to hear your thoughts on ALL of them :-)? Happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Books, Vertigo and Tea

    I love the idea of a catch up post without the commitment! I can appreciate it for several reasons. I might be keen to follow suit if it were not for the fact that my poor Sunday Sum-Up is one of the few posts that I can manage right. I fully support this and anything that gives you more freedom and time ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Nicola Thomson

    I was listening to a podcast a while ago, and a woman was being interviewed who was trying to get into voice acting for audio books. She said that she read ten books a week!
    Whenever I see your posts, I think of how much you put her to shame! Lol



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