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Book description

Some people are made for a life of crime

Dragged up on a council estate, Jason Rampling was determined to change his lot. Jason’s a chancer, shameless with his good looks and his gift for earning a few quid. Life is easy when the money rolls in.

Some people are ruined by it

Melissa thought she’d struck gold marrying Jason. Being on his arm meant she was finally a someone. But there’s no glamour in waiting for your husband to come home, or waiting for a knock on the door. Melissa made her bed the day she made her vows will she lie in it without a fight?

Some would kill for it

After a stretch inside Jason wants to pull off just one last job, the biggest of all, it could solve all of their problems. But this is a game that could cost them everything.


OMG Kimberley Chambers is back with a Life Of Crime let me tell you “it’s a blinder”, I’m a huge fan of this author and have read every book she has ever written. Last year the author ended the hugely popular “Butler” series and although I was left feeling bereft after saying “goodbye” to some of my all time favourite characters, I was also excited by the prospect the author would be publishing a standalone in the shape of a Life Of Crime. If your a fan of this author and were concerned she wouldn’t be able to top her last book, let me allay your fears, Life Of Crime is definitely the authors best standalone novel so far, a diamond amid the numerous crime thrillers on the market at the moment.

A Life Of Crime is the story of Jason and Melissa Rampling, Jason wants a better life for his family than the one he had, and if that means breaking the law so be it, as Jason becomes more embroiled in the murky crime world, treachery, lies and violence become part of his every day life. Anyone who has ever read a book by Kimberley Chambers will not be surprised to hear there’s plenty of swearing in this book, personally I feel it adds authenticity to her characters and very much fits their personalities. One thing I love about this authors writing are her characters they are vibrant and larger than life, there are so many characters in Life Of Crime that I could write about, the good, the bad and the down right ugly but in doing so I would be in danger of giving away spoilers, what I will say love them or hate them Kimberley Chambers has created another set of characters that are memorable.

Life Of Crime is a story of violence, treachery, loyalty and family ties and although these are familiar themes in the authors book, she still manages to write an exciting tale, with surprises galore. Kimberley Chambers has a unique knack of adding her own style of humour to her plot with her “one liners”, which constantly made me chuckle. From the first page of this exceptional crime thriller I was hooked you could not have prised this book away from me for love nor money, in fact I pretty much read it in one hugely satisfying sitting. Fast paced, gripping and with more twist and turns than a roller coaster, it’s a thrill a minute. Kimberley Chambers has once again reminded me why she continues to be one of the best crime thriller authors out there. Highly recommended

Buying Links:  Amazon US 🇺🇸        Amazon UK 🇬🇧

Print Length: 528 pages

Publisher: HarperCollins (11 Jan. 2018)


8 thoughts on “Life Of Crime by Kimberley Chambers #Bookreview @HarperFiction @Flisssity

  1. Michelle De Alwis

    I just finished an ARC of this. I thought it was bloody brilliant I didn’t want it to end. I can’t understand why I have not read any of her books before. But I sure will now.


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