What’s on your bookshelf? With #BookBlogger Stuart at Always Trust In Books @AlwTrustInBooks


Today I’m thrilled to welcome book blogger Stuart to share his bookshelves with us. Stuart blogs over at http://www.alwaystrustinbooks.wordpress.com/ if you haven’t visited his blog yet, you really should take a look.

How many bookcases do you have?

I currently have three. A huge one in my living room with about 350+ books on it and two large ones with all my hardbacks on. My wife is so considerate when it comes to having my books all over the house. I constantly ask myself if I need this many books but somehow the thought doesn’t really go anywhere 😏.



Approximately how many books are on your book case?

I would say I have about between 700 and 800 books in total. This amount has gone up and down over the years quite a bit. It got out of hand when I was looking at this massive bookcase from Ikea that covered an entire wall of the house. I thought about it for ages but then reconsidered. I still want it…

What genre do your bookcase mainly comprise of?

I don’t really limit myself to just a few genres. My bookcases are filled with all sorts from classics and poetry to crime, horror or non-fiction. If I had to narrow down a few main genres then I would say fantasy, mythology and psychological thrillers. I just re-organised my books and found all my Michael J. Malone books so I have put them to one side for re-reading.



Which book on your bookcase are you desperate to read?

I just started reading it. It’s called Sanctuary by V.V. James and its a small town crime-mystery surrounding witches. It is so cool and I am loving every moment watching this elaborate and mysterious case unravelling. It’s a must read.


Which book has been sat on your bookcase the longest and you haven’t yet got around to reading?

Oh that has to be Strange Weather by Joe Hill. I have read all of JH’s books repeatedly over the years but I still haven’t gotten round to this one. That and Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman which I have been putting off for some unknown reason. Hopefully I will get to both of these this year. Fingers crossed.

Which books are you desperate to add to your bookcase over the next few months?

I haven’t actually given this much thought because I am so busy with the books I have that are staring at me from the shelves. I listened to The Rosie Project on audiobook, it was amazing, and I am incredibly eager to get my hands on the Rosie Effect and the Rosie Result this year. I am excited for The Song Of The Sycamore by Edward Cox as it sounds like an awesome concept for a fantasy novel. Jay Kristoff’s Darkdawn is required as well. I need Little Serbia by Antti Tuomainen as I adored Palm Beach, Finland and The Man Who Died. Oh so many books!


If you could only keep one book from your bookcase, which one would you choose? And why?

I do consider this question quite often and I keep coming back to Kings Of The Wyld by Nicholas Eames. I still don’t fully understand my overwhelming reaction to this book but it blew me away. It’s the first book in as long as I can remember that, as soon as I finished the last page, I wanted to start it all over again right away. It is fantasy at its best. I could easily see myself on a desert island with this book, not a care in the world.

Last question if you could have one author come to your house to borrow a book who would it be and why?

This is a tough one but I would say Matt Haig. His books are something else. I met him last year and I would really like to chat with him again. I have so many questions for that man. I would like to meet Johana Gustawsson and Simon Morden too as they both seem like really cool people. I need to get out and meet more authors!

About Stuart


My name is Stuart (29) and I attempt to manage the book blog that is Always Trust In Books. I started the blog to talk books with people and found an awesome community that gladly gave me a place within it for which I am grateful. I review Fantasy, Science Fiction, Crime, Non Fiction, Mystery and Psychological Thrillers. I am lucky to have an amazing and patient wife, two impatient yet equally epic sons, a rescue cat called Mrs and a hamster called Eight (that is the only word my two year old can say at the moment).
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and my Twitter handle is @AlwTrustInBooks
and my Instagram handle is @alwaystrustinbooks.

My thanks to Stuart for answering my question and for the use of his personal photographs.

If you are a book blogger and would like to take part in this feature, the more the merrier as I’m hoping to make it a long running feature. Please email me at thebookreviewcafe.mail.com or leave a comment below. Many thanks 

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  1. TruthLiterary

    I wish I had the space for a bookshelf but my home is more akin to a creche. That and I rarely go.back to books I’ve read. I usually take them to work when I’ve finished and put them on a table so that others can pick them up and read them.

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