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**Guest Review** The Last Good Girl by Alison Leotta


Today I’m thrilled to bits to have a guest reviewer on my blog and I would like to introduce to you to my younger sister Denise (there’s 18 months between us in case you were wondering) who just happens to love reading as much as me, and we have a very similar taste in books. Ever since I started my blog I’ve been nagging her to write a review for the book review café, but she has always met my appeals with a resounding NO. But like the “big sister” I am I kept nagging, and eventually she finally agreed to let me post one of her reviews (mainly to shut me up).

So thank you Denise for the following review (somethings never change, and big sister always wins in the end😀)and to anyone reading this post I hope you enjoy her review, who knows Denise may end up as a regular guest reviewer on my blog and make it a family affair


Book Description

Emily Shapiro has gone missing. A freshman at a Michigan university, Emily was last seen leaving a bar near Beta Psi, a prestigious and secretive fraternity. The main suspect is Dylan Highsmith, the son of one of the most powerful politicians in the state. At first, the only clue is pieced-together surveil­lance footage of Emily leaving the bar that night…and Dylan running down the street after her.

When prosecutor Anna Curtis discovers a video diary Emily kept during her first few months at college, it exposes the history Emily had with Dylan: she accused him of rape before disappearing. Anna is horrified to discover that Dylan’s frat is known on campus as the “rape factory.”

The case soon gets media attention and support from Title IX activists across the country, but Anna’s investigation hits a wall. Anna has to find something, anything she can use to discover Emily alive. But without a body or any physical evidence, she’s under threat from people who tell her to stop before she ruins the name of an innocent young man.

Inspired by real-life stories, The Last Good Girl shines a light on campus rape and the powerful emotional dynamics that affect the families of the men and women on both sides.

Denise’s Review

I cannot believe I have never read a book by this author before! I was enticed by the books description…Emma a freshman at university goes missing and was last seen leaving a bar near the prestigious and secretive fraternity known as the ‘rape factory’. The main suspect is Dylan Brooks the son of a powerful state politician. Without giving anything else away I have to say this book is fantastic!

It drew me in from the start and from the beginning I hated Dylan who was an arrogant and vile character. Loved Anna Curtis the prosecutor who is out to find Emma and who was involved in her disappearance. Anna is feisty and doesn’t give up until she gets answers. Loved the characters in her personal love triangle and I felt sad at times with the dilemma she was facing about her love life.

The book runs along at a fast pace and although this book follows on from previous book of which I haven’t read, I found Leotta gives you enough information to understand what has happened in her past. As a UK reader I found there was a lot of American legal jargon but it did not distract from the cleverly crafted plot. Difficult to put this book down as you become desperate for Emily to be found and Dylan to get his comeuppance! Will definitely be reading more books from this very talented author.

5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Out of 5

Print Length: 304 pages

Publisher: Touchstone (3 May 2016)


**Weekly Wrap Up**


Well it’s that time of the time of the week again, where does the time go? Answers on a postcard please. So today it’s my weekly wrap up and I’m pleased to say I’ve managed to read more than one book again this week, I finished one, read one and just started on my third book this week  not bad considering I’ve been on lates this week so struggle to find anytime to read.

Outside Looking In by Michael Wood


I’ve really been looking forward to reading the latest release from Michael Wood, it’s the second in the DCI Matilda Darke series, and I loved it, you will be able to read my review on Monday 4th July as part of the blog tour

The Caller by M. A. Comley and Tara Lyons


This is the first collaboration from authors M.A. Comley and Tara Lyons, and again I really enjoyed this new crime series, again this ones for a blog tour so you will be able to read my review on Friday 17th June 

When The Killing Starts by R C Bridgestock


This is the 7th book in the series and it’s a cracker! If you love a gritty police procedure book you will love this, and yes this book is for the blog tour you can catch my review on Friday 24th June

Books I’ve bought

I’ve been really, really good and only bought one book this week, and that’s because I have such a huge pile of books I’m desperate to read sitting on my TBR pile

Beautiful by Anita Waller


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I just had to share this in my weekly round up, I was estatic to see Robert Bryndza used a quote from my review for The Night Stalker as his header on his very own Twitter page, how exciting is that?



What books have you been reading this week? I would love to know, please feel free to leave a comment