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I Know The Truth by M A Comley #BlogTour @ComleyMel @BOTBSPublicity 

Today I’m thrilled to be one of the bloggers taking part in the  blog tour for I know The Truth by M A Comley.

M A Comley is an author whose books I’ve always been meaning to read, so when Sarah at Book On The Bright Side was looking for bloggers to join the I Know The Truth blog tour I jumped at the chance. Before you read my review here’s the book description…..


She escaped his clutches.

Now she hides under a new name.

For the past five years, Lucy has lived in fear of her past.

But all that changes when Matthew enters her life.

Is she able to trust another man after…

Should she listen to her head or her heart?

As she fights for her future, someone is lurking in the shadows with their own agenda.

And they will determine whether she lives or dies.


I’m one of those readers that appreciate a strong opening chapter, it’s one of the things that determine whether a book is likely to hold my attention. M A Comley did just that with an opening that immediately piqued my curiosity! It’s obvious from the start of this book that Lucy has escaped from an abusive relationship that has left her traumatised. The author slowly reveals shocking snippets that go a long way to explaining why Lucy finds it hard to trust people and prefers to keep them at arm’s length.

When we first meet Lucy life is looking good, she’s made plans to move in with her best friend,  and then when she least expects it she meets the man of her dreams, Matthew whose handsome, kind, generous, and well off. Life is looking good for Lucy, but like any good thriller nothing is straightforward and it soon becomes apparent Lucy can run from her past, but she can’t hide from it. As you learn more about Lucy’s past, things take a worrying turn. I found myself becoming more paranoid at each turn of the page. I convinced myself that every character was hiding something, either that or they were an axe murder in heavy disguise! That’s one of the things I love about a well written psychological thriller the author’s ability to make you feel the emotions of the victim, I became paranoid, terrified, and anxious as Lucy’s story progressed.

The author has a way of drawing you into a story that I found compelling, the conversations between Lucy and her best friend Tricia, and boyfriend Matthew make you feel you’re a bystander listening in, being drawn into their story. If I had one small quibble, it’s the lengths of the chapters, they are super long, which isn’t very good when you have a weak bladder and refuse to leave a chapter midway! Thankfully, the author writes in such a way you become so immersed in the plot, each chapter flies by.

A person lurking in the shadows, strange accidents, questionable characters and a dead body ensure the tension never waivers. As Lucy and Matthews relationships deepens alarm bells started ring, was I being misled? Or was there something far more sinister at play? I’m not saying, you will just have to read I Know The Truth to find it! Although I was expecting a twist that never materialised,  I really enjoyed this book, it made for a very entertaining read with plenty of suspense and mystery.

Publisher: Jeamel Publishing Limited (21 Jun. 2020)

Buying link: Amazon UK 🇬🇧

My thanks to the author and Sarah at Book On The Bright Side for my ARC in exchange for an honesty and unbiased review. 


M A Comley is a KINDLE UNLIMITED ALL-STAR author as well as being a New York Times, USA Today, Amazon Top 20 bestselling author, she has topped the book charts on iBooks as a top 5 bestselling and reached #2 bestselling author on Barnes and Noble. Over two and a half million copies sold world wide. She’s a British author who moved to France in 2002, and that’s when she turned her hobby into a career.

When she’s not writing crime novels as well as caring for her elderly mother, she’s either reading or going on long walks with her rescue pup Labrador, Dex.

Here is a list of her books, Cruel Justice, Impeding Justice, Final Justice, Foul Justice, Guaranteed Justice, Ultimate Justice, Virtual Justice, Hostile Justice, Tortured Justice, Rough Justice, Dubious Justice, Calculated Justice, Twisted Justice, Prime Justice, Heroic Justice, Shameful Justice, Immoral Justice and Overdue Justice. There are several novellas and short stories in the series too.

No Right To Kill, Killer Blow, The Dead Can’t Speak, Deluded and The Murder Pact in the DI Sara Ramsey series.

Her other successful series are: The DI Sally Parker thriller series, which includes WRONG PLACE, NO HIDING PLACE, COLD CASE, Deadly encounter and Lost Innocence

The DI Kayli Bright Trilogy – The Missing Children, Killer on the Run, Hidden Agenda, Murderous Betrayal and Dying Breath.


There are three books in the Intention series, Sole Intention, Grave Intention and Devious Intention.

Plus a couple of standalone novels – EVIL IN DISGUISE and FOREVER WATCHING YOU.

I’ve also penned a cozy mystery Private Investigator series – Murder at the Wedding, Murder at the Hotel and Murder by the Sea.

As well as co-authoring the Deception Series co-authored by fellow NY Times bestselling author, Linda S Prather Clever Deception, Tragic Deception and Sinful Deception.

48121CE3-27DB-4A96-A01E-211DCBF1F8C2You can follow M A Comley via:-

Twitter @Melcom1




Sarah Hardy

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Facebook: Book On The Bright Side

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**Weekly Wrap Up Post **


Well it’s time for my weekly wrap up, last week I was so engrossed in reading The Stepmother by Claire Seeber I completely forgot to do one. This week I have read four books and started on my fifth book, which is exceptionally good going for me.

Books I’ve read this week

Consequences by RC Bridgestock


Whyte Lies by KC Acton


The Stepmother by Claire Seeber


Shallow Waters by Rebecca Bradley


Made To Be Broken by Rebecca Bradley


Books I’ve bought This week

I’ve been really, really good and ONLY bought ONE book this week, and that’s because I have such a huge pile of books I’m desperate to read sitting on my TBR pile. I’ve also decided to cut back on the blog tours, as I’ve done so many lately it’s hard to fit in books that I’m desperate to read that are sitting gather dust on my TBR pile

With Deadly Intent by KA Richardson


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My Girl by Jack Jordan Blog Tour, including a guest post from the very talented Jack Jordan

You can see Jack’s Guest post, and my review here

The Caller by MA Comley and Tara Lyons Blog Tour including a guest post from Tara Lyons, one half of this very talented duo You can read Tara’s Guest post and my review here

Arcs I’ve received this week

I’m trying to be really good and not request any ARC’s from NetGalley until my TBR pile has diminished but I did have a couple of  little slips…….

Can You #ReadWithoutPrejudice


Book Description
There are two points in life when we are all equal: at the moment of birth and at the moment of death. It is how we live in between that defines us.
Delicately balanced.
Perfectly crafted.
Beautifully written.
We want you to immerse yourself in this dazzling novel, free from any preconceptions that a cover, title or author can bring.
We ask you simply to #readwithoutprejudice.

I love the thought of reading a book that you nothing about, let alone who wrote it . I have taken a quick look at it and I think I know who the author is but I’m not telling 


I was approached by the publishers to review this ARC, it’s top secret and hasn’t even got a cover yet, and because I love this authors books (NO it’s not Robert  Bryndza, I’m a huge fan in case you didn’t know) I jumped at the chance, that’s all I can tell you my lips are sealed 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

Next week on the book review café


Q & A with Lisa Hall where we will be discussing the hell of all “twists”

Blog tour for When The Killing Starts by RC Bridgestock including a fascinating guest post and my review

The Stepmother by Claire Seeber review

Shallow Waters by Rebecca Bradley review

The Book Review café  blogging news

I have one more book to read for a Blog Tour in July All Is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker, and then I’m really looking forward to reading some of the books of my very dusty TBR pile. I love doing blog tours and get really excited about them, and before I know it I have agreed to do 7-8 blog tours in one month, which is great, but then I find myself panicking that I won’t get all the book tour books read in time, and have very little time in between to read the books I really want to read which is why I’m going to try and cut back on the blog tours **watch this space**

I was really excited to see Louise Jensen’s header on Twitter just happens to be a quote from my review for her debut novel The Sister, things like this make my day as a blogger



**Blog Tour**The Caller by M.A Comley and Tara Lyons & Guest Post


Today I am thrilled and a tad excited (a slight understatement, I’m jumping around like a lunatic) to be part of the blog tour for The Caller this is the first book in The Organised Crime Team series by M.A Comley and co-author Tara Lyons, and if you are a fan of crime thrillers then this is one you will definitely want to purchase……but before you hop over to Amazon and buy it you may want to read a very intriguing guest post from the very talented Tara Lyons, oh and my review of course!


This time last year, I would never have believed that I could say I am a self-published author. If I was also told I’d be embarking on a new crime series with New York Times Bestselling Author, M.A Comley, I’d say you were pulling my leg. But look at me, it’s happened and it’s a dream come true.

From speaking to a variety of authors online, I’ve come to realise co-writing isn’t for everyone. Some even say it would be their worst nightmare. And I can totally understand that. Having someone grill your work, edit it and not agree with your ideas could be frustrating. But look at it from a different perspective and it could mean that person is enhancing what you’ve written and enriching your ideas.
I find myself in a lucky position. I am working with an experienced author who has published over 35 books in five years and definitely knows her craft. Mel works with a passion and drive that is inspirational. It also helps that I think her many series of books are fantastic. For Mel, she says she saw something in my writing that she hadn’t really seen in any other newcomer’s work. But, we also get along as friends first and I think that’s important. We have similar tastes, expectations and ideas, we’re both Geminis and enjoy crime TV programmes and we’ve been known to sing along to Lionel Ritchie on a road trip. You have to trust and respect the person you’re going to co-author with.

The Caller is our first book in an Organised Crime Team series. Before we even began writing we did a lot of research into the Metropolitan Police, its set-up and its divisions. We talked about what we wanted from this series and who we wanted our characters to be. I think that was one of our difficulties; Mel obviously has a variety of characters, so ensuring we developed new personalities and identities took us a while. But we have them now. Once we were both happy with our new detective team, we began brainstorming. It started with just one small idea (because we have also planned future books) and then it grew and grew and grew. Something I said sparked a new image and plot for Mel and vice-versa, and we continued to do that until we had an interesting story. I think it’s an exciting way to work, especially as we’ve both written alone, it’s a refreshing change to bounce those thoughts off someone else.

The Caller was created by each of us writing chunks of the book and editing each other’s work as we went. Hopefully it reads as a seamless story, but you also hear both of us as authors in there too. Obviously it’s not all smelling of roses, and during the editing process myself and Mel went back and forth on how we thought a certain scene or dialogue should unfold. Sometimes we had different ideas. But, we worked together to devise the best from both our ideas and we hope that’s reflected when you read The Caller. Mel and I live over three hours away so we don’t get to see each other often. But we do talk everyday – sometimes about our books and sometimes about life in general – and open communication is definitely the key.

Even if you think co-writing isn’t for you, I would definitely encourage you to have a writing “buddy”. An author friend you can talk to – again about books or life in general – who is honest and trustworthy. Writing can be a lonely job, so it’s great to have that shoulder, even a virtual one, to lean on, share with and occasionally have a complete rant to.

About The Authors


Mel Comley (also known as M.A. Comley) is a British author of mystery novels along with a couple of romance novellas, she is best known for her Justice series. New York Times, USA Today, Amazon Top 20 bestselling author, iBooks top 5 bestselling and #2 bestselling author on Barnes and Noble. Over one million copies sold world wide. Mel quit a 70-hour per week job as a Co-op Supermarket manager to move to Normandy to pursue her writing passion.

Links to Mel Comley 

Blog spot     Goodreads     Facebook      Twitter

At the age of 30, Tara decided to fulfil her life long dream of becoming a writer. Thanks to some amazing people in her life, she had the chance to make that a reality. And so, her debut novel, In the Shadows, was born. Tara’s first collaboration with Mel Comley Web of Deceit is available now.
When Tara’s not writing you’ll find her in a near-by Wacky Warehouse stuck in the ball-pit with her son. Tara is also a lover of chocolate peanuts and reading – and prefers to enjoy them both with a strong cup of tea


Links to Tara Lyons

Blogspot     Facebook     Goodreads     Twitter


Book Description

When The Caller rings… what would you do?

The Organised Crime Team is a newly-formed unit with one of the toughest tasks in London. Led by DI Angie North, their first investigation is a cold case that has foxed several officers in the Met for months.
After Angie holds a TV appeal regarding the case, a number of similar aggressive attacks are brought to her attention. The team call on their contacts on the street for help. Their interest is sparked when several local names surface.
To bring the criminals to justice a member of the Organised Crime Team is asked to risk their life in a dangerous covert operation.


If you are looking for a brand new gripping crime series to read, then The Caller could be just the book for you. This is the first book in The Organised Crime Team series by M A Comley and co-author Tara Lyons, (author Of In The Shadows). When I was asked if I would like to review The Caller I jumped at the chance, my interest was piqued by the book description alone. In The Caller we are introduced to a newly-formed unit The Organised Crime Team, their first investigation involves a cold case involving aggressive attacks on women in their homes, and so begins a tense and gripping read. I’m not one for spoilers so everything you need to know about The Caller is in the book description. From the first chapter where the most despicable crime is committed I knew this was going to be a dark and gritty read, so literally from the opening chapter I was well and truly hooked.

The Organised Crime Team has an array of fascinating characters, each one is multi-faceted and it was interesting to see how the characters bonded in their first investigation as a team. DI Angie North is an unusual protagonist for a Detective, she appears mature, has a stable home life and appears to be the glue that will hold the team together in difficult times. The camaraderie amongst the team was credible, and it was an unusual concept to read a crime book that introduce a brand new crime team from the moment of conception so to speak. As the crimes escalate and each one becomes more violent and sickening the tension and sense of foreboding that permeates each page made it hard to put down. The plot was very well paced, and the Suspense was relentless as The Caller reached the dramatic and tension fuelled conclusion.

As the team take part in a covert operation to catch the criminals the apprehension amongst the team add credibility to the plot. As The Caller reached its electrifying conclusion I found myself holding my breath, whilst turning the pages so fast on my kindle, I’m surprised I didn’t end up with repetitive strain injury! I found The Caller to be an engaging read and one I really enjoyed, I think M A Comley and Tara Lyons make the perfect pairing, they have combined their individual talents as authors and produced a gripping read for fans of crime thrillers. I for one will be looking forward to the next book in the series, it will also be interesting to see how The Organised Crime Team’s characters will evolve.

5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Out of 5



**Weekly Wrap Up**


Well it’s that time of the time of the week again, where does the time go? Answers on a postcard please. So today it’s my weekly wrap up and I’m pleased to say I’ve managed to read more than one book again this week, I finished one, read one and just started on my third book this week  not bad considering I’ve been on lates this week so struggle to find anytime to read.

Outside Looking In by Michael Wood


I’ve really been looking forward to reading the latest release from Michael Wood, it’s the second in the DCI Matilda Darke series, and I loved it, you will be able to read my review on Monday 4th July as part of the blog tour

The Caller by M. A. Comley and Tara Lyons


This is the first collaboration from authors M.A. Comley and Tara Lyons, and again I really enjoyed this new crime series, again this ones for a blog tour so you will be able to read my review on Friday 17th June 

When The Killing Starts by R C Bridgestock


This is the 7th book in the series and it’s a cracker! If you love a gritty police procedure book you will love this, and yes this book is for the blog tour you can catch my review on Friday 24th June

Books I’ve bought

I’ve been really, really good and only bought one book this week, and that’s because I have such a huge pile of books I’m desperate to read sitting on my TBR pile

Beautiful by Anita Waller


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Arc’s I’ve received this week

Whyte lies by KC Acton

I See You by Clare Mackintosh

The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter

Baby Doll by Hollie Overton

Cut To The Bone by Alex Cann


Review for The Sister by Louise Jenson

Review for S Is For Stranger by Louise Stone

A special guest review for The Last Good Girl by Alison Leotta

Blog tour for When He Fell by Kate Hewitt

Blogging news from the book review café

I just had to share this in my weekly round up, I was estatic to see Robert Bryndza used a quote from my review for The Night Stalker as his header on his very own Twitter page, how exciting is that?



What books have you been reading this week? I would love to know, please feel free to leave a comment 

Web Of Deceit by M. A. Comley and Tara Lyons


This is a novella written by Mel Comley together with new author on the block Tara Lyons, I wanted to read Web Of Deceit and get a feel for their writing prior to the release of their first full length novel The Caller released June 2016.

Megan becomes good friends with Tina, a woman whom she met on the Internet, they decide to meet up when Megan returns from France, but how well can you really know someone you have only interacted with through social media? Web Of Deceit explores this issue with relish! It’s difficult to say too much about this book as it is a short story and I’m not one for spoilers! But suffice to say it maybe short but it’s packed full of intrigue and suspense.

I hold my hands up and admit I’m not a big fan of Novella’s but I really enjoyed Web Of Deceit, it has a well defined plot which comes together to make a gritty quick read. One negative, I would have probably rated this 5 stars if the story had been longer, as there was so much potential in the plot. It’s certainly a topical book, as we all have “friends” we think we know well, even though we only know them through social media, would you meet up with them? If you said “yes” you may change your mind after reading this short story!

If you are looking for a quick read and you’re a fan of fast paced crime thrillers, with plenty of tension then this is the book for you, it maybe short but it’s compelling and guaranteed to keep you glued to your seat until you’ve read it all in one sitting. After reading Web Of Deceit I am really looking forward to the publication of The Caller, if Mel Comley and Tara Lyons can pack so much into a novella, then I have high hopes for their full first length book.

4☕️☕️☕️☕️ Out of 5

Print Length: 70 pages

Publisher: Jeamel Publishing Limited (20 Jan. 2016)



**WWW Wednesday**


It’s WWW Wednesday time.
The WWW Wednesdays meme is currently hosted by Sam @Taking on a World of Words. and is a great way to do a weekly update on what you’ve been reading and what you have planned.

To take part all you have to do is answer the following three questions:
What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

What are you currently reading?


Bone by Bone by Sanjida Kay

Book description
Laura loves her daughter more than anything in the world.
But nine-year-old daughter Autumn is being bullied. Laura feels helpless.
When Autumn fails to return home from school one day, Laura goes looking for her. She finds a crowd of older children taunting her little girl.
In the heat of the moment, Laura makes a terrible choice. A choice that will have devastating consequences for her and her daughter…

Paperback: 336 pages

Publisher: Corvus; Main edition (3 Mar. 2016)



What did you recently finish reading?

Web Of Deceit by M A Comley and Tara Lyons


Book description 

DI Sally Parker is called to one of the best hotels in the area after one of the guests, Megan Carmen, reports her friend, Tina, missing.

Sally investigates Megan’s background when the woman reveals that she has just arrived from France and Tina is a woman she met on the Internet. Do genuine people truly arrange to innocently meet people they’ve only just met online? Or, in light of Tina’s disappearance, is there something far more sinister afoot?

Print Length: 70 pages

Publisher: Jeamel Publishing Limited (20 Jan. 2016)


What do you think you’ll read next?

Kill Me Again by Rachel Abbott



Book description
When Maggie Taylor accepts a new job in Manchester, she is sure it is the right move for her family. The children have settled well although her husband, Duncan, doesn’t appear to be so convinced.

But nothing prepares her for the shock of coming home from work one night to find that Duncan has disappeared, leaving their young children alone. His phone is dead, and she has no idea where he has gone, or why. And then she discovers she’s not the only one looking for him.

When a woman who looks just like Maggie is brutally murdered and DCI Tom Douglas is brought in to investigate, Maggie realises how little she knows about Duncan’s past. Is he the man she loves? Who is he running from?

She doesn’t have long to decide whether to trust him or betray him. Because one thing has been made clear to Maggie

Paperback: 348 pages

Publisher: Black Dot Publishing (17 Feb. 2016)


Please feel free to leave a comment about the books you are reading, or books you have read this week