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#TrueCrime I Will Find You by Joe Kenda @LtJoeKenda


Book description

Detective Lt. Joe Kenda, star of Homicide Hunter, shares his deepest, darkest, and never before revealed case files from his 19 years as a homicide detective.

Are you horrified yet fascinated by abhorrent murders? Do you crave to know the gory details of these crimes, and do you seek comfort in the solving of the most gruesome?

Joe Kenda investigated 387 murder cases during his 23 years with the Colorado Springs Police Department and solved almost all of them. And he is ready to detail the cases that are too gruesome to air on television, cases that still haunt him, and the few cases where the killer got away. These cases are horrifyingly real, and the detail is so mesmerising you won’t be able to look away

The tales in I WILL FIND YOU will shock you like the best horror stories-divulging insights into the actions, motivations, and proclivities of nature’s most dangerous species.

My review

Considering I’m a huge true crime thriller fan it’s very rare these days that I watch any true crime series on the television, so unfortunately until I picked up I Will Find You I have never heard of Detective Lt. Joe Kenda, who is the star of Homicide Hunter. I must admit I did Google the series and so I’ve included more about the series at the end of my review.

In the introduction to I will Find You Joe Kenda quotes “if you don’t think you can handle the darkest aspects of human nature, then you might want to put this book down, because it will get real in a hurry” and I have to agree, it’s a true crime story at the end of the day, so yes at times it’s both graphic and disturbing. This book offers a candid and personal reflection and recollection of some of Joe Kenda’s most gruesome and disturbing cases.

From the book description I really thought this book would be a difficult read, but strangely enough thanks to the author’s dark humour, which he admits himself is a defence mechanism against the darkness he’s experienced it wasn’t as gruesome or as horrifying as I expected. Don’t get me wrong there are some seriously upsetting and tragic cases discussed in this book, so I’m not sure it’s a book suited to the more faint hearted. I will Find You is broken up into sections motives for murder, drugs and depravity and catching Killers to name but a few, each section gives you an insight into the victims, the perpetrators and their motives which I found extremely interesting.

The author is honest and forthcoming as he describes the toll the job took on his marriage, family and his own wellbeing. Part memoir and part true crime, I Will Find You can’t be described as a book I enjoyed, but it certainly made for a fascinating read, as it gives the reader a revealing and gritty insight into police work, the good, the bad and the damn right ugly.

About the author

Lt. Joe Kenda spent 23 years in the Colorado Springs Police Department, where he amassed a lifetime of memories catching killers and helping solve close to 400 homicide investigations. The vivid memories are brought back to life in this hour long series, as Kenda reopens his “Murder Books” for viewers — folders in which every detail of his murder cases is held — to revisit the most disturbing cases still haunting him today. As he details the process of how he solved the crimes, Kendra also embarks on a personal journey, coming to terms with long-suppressed nightmares. As he says, “I don’t want to tell these stories. I need to.”


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Print Length: 288 pages

Publisher: Center Street (26 Sept. 2017)